The Future of Video Marketing

June 30, 2011 2 comments

Interview with Brad Howarth, information technology columnist & co-author of “A Faster Future”. In his address to local businesses leaders gathered in fully packed Alex Popescu room and in organisation by ICT Geelong, Brad gives a fascinating insight in world connected by National Broadband Network; from businesses videoconferencing with businesses in other countries and high definition videos embedded in home styudios and company websites.

He underlines importance of embracing the technology and use it for more efficient and more engaging marketing and business communication or risk to be left behind:

“Change is inevitable, and change is really being driven by broadband technology… as we move to more reliable, faster and more ubiquitous broadband network, that change will accelerate. People need to be thinking about that today.

If they don’t think about that today then change will pass by them.”

Video produced by : Video Vault

Video Wall

There are many ways your business can present its videos, one of them is this type of video wall from Cooliris shown above.

Once your videos are uploaded to your You Tube channel or other online video sites (check Cooliris’ list of supported sites), it is relatively easy to edit a video wall like this one.

You can choose a single video or a playlist and it can be embedded in your website page or a blog page.


To market, to market…

April 7, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to our Video4Marketing blog. This is a place where we’ll show and tell about success stories (if you prefer “case studies” then we’ll call it like that) involving businesses and organisations that use video in their marketing mix.

We’ll also talk about problems and challenges your businesses are facing in this new Web 2.0 world, rich media, social medial new world and new rules and how to overcome them.

There is an evident shift in todays marketing and overall business to business (B2B) communication; everything is moving online; blogs, vlogs, email marketing, mobile marketing, social media…

For businesses and organisations who relied mainly upon printed media and that big yellow book, this is new and scary world.

In this blog, I’d like to try to answer your questions and demistify ¬†all that conundrum.

However, online world as it is, would be a to big topic, so we are going to focus on video in marketing and PR, but you’ll see that video has its role in most of your online communications.

Video, apart from having it on your website, can be sent by email, you can embed it in your blog or vlog.

Further, you can embed it in your Facebook post, even in your Tweeter.

But why? Why is video everywhere?

Simply because it is most effective way of communication, it’s the second only to personal presentation or conversation. Conversation… you must have heard that word recently; the trend is to try to involve your customers and prospects in conversation instead of selling or pitching (or preaching) to them.

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