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HR and Recruitment flying high with Video – Interview with RedBalloon’s Naomi Simson

November 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently I interviewed Naomi Simson, founder  and CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) of I was attending Technology Enterprenuership Forum in Geelong where Naomi was listed as one of the keynote speakers.

Being already connected on Linkedin, I knew that RedBalloon was already successfully using video in their marketing. If you were interested, for example, in Hot Air Ballooning Over The Yarra Valley you can watch a short video and I have to admit, made me instantly want one for Christmas (any chance… Santa…  :).

Video for Internal Communications

But, what I didn’t know is the fact that RedBalloon uses video for internal communication, induction and team building. As those videos are of course for internal communication, we saw only few sequences for the purpose of her Forum presentation, but it is obvious that people are having fun working there and what could be a better way to show employee satisfaction and entice new staff than with video.

In this interview Naomi tells us about role of  video in both marketing and HR and recruitment.

Please share with us what you are using video for in you company or organisation, or what would you like to use it for.

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