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Why did General Motors Unfriend Facebook? The Whole Story.

GM’s move to cancel their $10 mil advertising package with Facebook was well reported in media and blogosphere around the world, but we rarely heard the whole story.

The real story is that GM is still “friends” with Facebook, they are still investing $30 mil a year by producing content for their Facebook page. Their page is bursting with videos, pictures and stories.

It’s Supposed to be Social

Honestly, I always thought that advertising on Facebook wouldn’t work, and that’s mainly for one big reason – it’s inherently wrong and it’s contravening with the whole idea of social media, especially Facebook – it’s supposed to be social.

When you are at a social gathering, whether on Facebook or in real life, on your child’s basketball game, you are there to socialise – not to sell or being sold on. Social media is a great tool for content marketing, for inbound marketing (pull vs push marketing) so selling there is just not appropriate. They are again interrupting you, you were there to chat with family and friends, exchange the photos, etc, not to buy stuff.

This is the reason why Google ads are working and Facebook ads are not (according to WordStream research), when on Google you are looking for a product or a service and advertising at the moment of buying decision is welcome, it’s actually perfect moment – you are not interrupted.

Content is King

GM released the following statement on the matter:

… we are reassessing our advertising, but remain committed to an aggressive content strategy with all of our products and brands, as it continues to be a very effective tool for engaging with our customers.

Facebook was struggling for years to come up with a monetising format and to prove ROI for facebook ads.

So, it’s only logical move from GM to move their resources where their mouth is. Apart from their Facebook page, GM has also a very vibrant You Tube channel called “gmblogs”. They opened their channel in 2006 and now features over 300 videos, more than 3 mil views and 1,700 subscribers. The YT channel is actually content creation fuel for their group of blogs gmblogs that includes 7 different blogs.

What’s in common for their You Tube channel and their blogs is storytelling, powerful stories told by ordinary people, their staff, their customers and others.

Storytelling is that secret sauce that good video production has compared to average video.

Companies have long emphasized the role of content for providing customers and prospects with useful information and meaningful insight, and the rise of digital distribution and production channels over past years has certainly propelled content marketing to new heights and investments.

With distribution channels (You Tube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks) now leveling the playing field, by being available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, it is the right time for you to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

Storytelling and content is so important and critical to attracting and retaining customers, so every business’ first goal should be how to integrate them into their PR, marketing, social media and overall corporate image.

Please tell us what are your challenges in creating more content for your business.

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Winning Hearts and Minds – my Valentine’s Day [Video]

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

When I received a phone call in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, from APCO’s Director Robert Anderson, the last thing I expected to hear was: “Mio, got anything planned for Valentine’s Day?”

Few good laughs later, he opened his cards and explained that this years APCO Franchisee of the Year Awards Night is under the theme – “Winning Hearts and Minds”.

This is the 4th year in a row that Digital Video Vault was in charge of covering their biggest night (and day) of the year, filming the event, producing the DVD, an online video for You Tube and a dedicated microsite live within 24 hrs with images they can share with their franchisees, suppliers and guests.

The day starts with Suppliers’ Session seminars and keynotes from various figures with background in economics and business analytics.

Night is always reserved for gala dinner with Awards Ceremony and topped of with an inspirational guest speaker.

What I really wanted to share with you is the feeling you carry after an APCO event. Top companies are expected to organise outstanding events; great locations (last 2 years it was Park Hyatt, before that Grand Hyatt), well known keynote speakers and celebrity inspirational guest speakers.

But what is fascinating is that family feeling; you can expect to see the same APCO team, same event organiser, same businesses partnering to deliver another perfect event. They soon make you feel as part of the family.

So, with naming this year event “Winning Hearts & Minds” APCO management wanted to pay special tribute to their customers and those serving on the front lines of customer service.

In an atmosphere like that it’s really not hard to give that little extra, to exceed their expectations and deliver an outstanding video, so, when it comes to Winning Hearts & Minds, they’ve certainly won mine.

Watch this space, Winning Hearts & Minds trailer coming soon.

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